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Warm Up Guide

It is very important to perform a proper warm up before any type of physical activity. The purpose of a warm up is to prevent injury by increasing the body's core and muscle temperature. Warm muscles increase the rate of energy production which increases reflexes and lowers the time it takes to contract a muscle.

Injury & Excerises

Walking football helps players in getting fit and healthy, but like any form of exercise there can be injuries along the way. There is a growing awareness that a complete workout routine includes not only the exercises itself, but also caring for the wear-and-tear of minor injuries that naturally occur with strenuous movement. The physiological and psychological benefits of sports therapy make it an ideal complement to a total program.

Delayed muscle soreness (24-48 hours after exercise) may be caused by any number of different factors.  Some possible causes are minor muscle or connective tissue damage, local muscle spasms that reduce blood flow, or a build-up of waste products from energy production. Heavily exercised muscles may also lose their capacity to relax, causing chronically tight muscles and loss of flexibility. Lack of flexibility is often linked to muscle soreness, and predisposes you to, especially muscle pulls and tears.  Blood flow through tight muscles is poor, which also causes pain.

Oakley Sports Therapy uses a wide range of skills, including ultrasound massage and exercise, designed to help the relief of pain and to promote healing. Prevention methods are very important in rehabilitation, and we will spend time teaching you how to avoid a recurrence of your problem. Please have a look at the following foam roller exercises that can help stretch tired muscles and increase greater flexibility and therefore enhance your game and prevent injuries.